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Are you one of those guys or gals who tries to do everything by yourself without ever asking for any help? Do you hate to share your problems with other people and pay professionals for their advice? Well, when it comes to your financial problems, getting some advice from professionals is usually a good idea. There are times when you can do things by yourself just as effectively, but you really should think twice before going without an attorney for bankruptcy.

After all, chances are that you've reached the point of filing for bankruptcy because of mistakes you have made such as over using your credit cards or accumulating other forms of debt. If you can't find a way to pay for your bills and think that bankruptcy is necessary, then you need some professional help from a financial advisor or lawyer (and probably both).

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You want to get some sincere and objective advice to help you choose the best option for your set of circumstances. Filing Chapter 7 may not always be necessary, and there are many other options that you should discuss with your advisors. If you do end up taking the leap in filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, be sure to seek the counsel of a good lawyer.

It's still possible to file even after the bankruptcy reforms passed by Congress and signed by President Bush in 2005. However, the process is more involved than it was in the past, and you need a good bankruptcy lawyer who is keeping up with all of the court rulings and latest developments regarding this new law.

It really is critical to have an attorney for bankruptcy if you want the best chance of success in getting rid of your debt load for good.

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