Common Mistakes People Make With Bankruptcy Attorney Fees and How to Avoid Them

Given that the simple fact that you are considering bankruptcy is an indication of the fact that you are in way over your head with your finances as it is, it's very likely that your biggest concern about the bankruptcy procedure is how you will pay your bankruptcy attorney fees.

A hugely common mistake people make in terms of paying off bankruptcy attorney fees is to pay them off on a credit card that they then have wiped out during the course of their chapter 7 bankruptcy proceedings. While this might seem on the surface like a perfectly feasible idea and a good one too, let me explain why paying your bankruptcy attorney fees in this way is bad news.

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If you are successful in filing and the credit card bill is discharged, your creditor can claim that you never intended to pay the debt back. After all, why else would you hire a bankruptcy lawyer than declaring yourself bankrupt? In doing this, you are deemed to have committed fraud in obtaining credit you did not have any intentions of paying back.

This can lead to all sorts of trouble, criminal proceedings and further financial problems for you.

Instead, a wiser thing to do would be to arrange a payment plan with your lawyer. Under the circumstances that bankruptcy lawyers find their clients, it is very much a common thing for lawyers to arrange a manageable payment plan for you.

And also bear in mind that the whole idea of bankruptcy, is that if successful in chapter 7 declaration, you will be rid of much of your previous debt, making the bankruptcy lawyer fees much more manageable. So work out a away that you can actually pay them back realistically without risking your creditors claiming that you have acted fraudulently.


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